YTDL / Music Bot Support

We are proud to inform you that the Discord Music Bot ban has been lifted by Discord. It is now possible to play/stream music with our bots and we hope that you will enjoy this small but really important update.

You can test it for yourself with cm!play (YouTube URL) in the music channel.


Lars Speetjens
CEO Cubes Hosting

7th Jun 2020
Domains are now available

2 weeks ago we launched Webhosting, now we launch domain names. This selection is currently small but we will continue to grow our domain name selection. To celebrate the launch of our new product line we are currently having a sale on the .XYZ domains. They are normaly €7,99 but we are offering them for €1,00 for the next 2 weeks. XYZ is ... Read More »

4th Jun 2020
Web Hosting has been released

We are glad to announce that we are introducing Web Hosting to the Cubes Hosting family. The prices are steep at this moment but this will change in the future when there are enough customers to support Web Hosting as a budget option, we will revise the price for both new and old plans. Web Hosting is currently in BETA and there may be some slight ... Read More »

23rd May 2020
Payment pending issues

If you made a purchase in the past week or have an automatic subscription then please check if your invoices say they are paid. If not please create a ticket. There has been an issue where some payments said they where unpaid while they were paid.   If you are unsure how to find this out then please reach out to us, we would be happy to assist ... Read More »

19th May 2020
My Cubes (Billing Panel)

Billing Panel Changes Starting from now billing has been re-branded to my cubes. My cubes stands for a more friendly approach since my cubes is more then just a billing panel. My cubes can be used to keep track of your purchases, view your services, receive emails and many more. If you have any questions regarding this change please feel free to ... Read More »

29th Mar 2020
Server Creation issue & Security Update

We have temporarily moved back to the default pterodactyl theme with default features because of a security issue. To do so we had to remove all of our custom features. We will bring them back as soon as possible. At cubes, we believe security is more important than the features we can offer with our services. Please note that your account ... Read More »

18th Mar 2020
Review Coupons

We of cubes have a really cool idea, Because we don’t get much (usefull) reviews, we will be giving coupons away every 2 months. If we chose the 5 winners, We will contact them via trustpilot. (Our review site.) After our first contact you have one week to claim your coupon. In our reply to your review is standing how. I hope you like our idea. ... Read More »

3rd Feb 2020
Email Changes

Email Changes

Starting from now our email has changed from to The old E-Mail will no longer be used for important messages. In the event that you do receive an email from our old email please notify us immediately.  

Kind Regards,

Lars Speetjens

1st Feb 2020
Brexit: UK Privacy Policy Changes

The UK will officially leave the EU in about 45 minutes, this means that all UK clients will be protected under the UK Privacy laws. This means that any UK client will receive a notification from us when our privacy policy complies with UK laws. Any UK Resident will possibly need to accept our new UK only Privacy Policy to comply with the new UK ... Read More »

30th Jan 2020
Support on hollidays 2019

Dear customer,It is almost this time of year, That it ends..Because of that we have a changed schedule of support, As you might think, All of our support can be delayed within the following days;25 December 2019 (first Christmas day)26 December 2019 (Second Christmas day)31 December 2019 (Old years eve)Sorry for the inconvenience.Yours Faithfully, ... Read More »

15th Dec 2019