How can I enable an SSL certificate?

We do not automatically enable an SSL certificate once it has been delivered. It is possible that you first have to adjust something in your website or CMS. Once you are done with that, or if no changes are needed, enabling your certificate is very easy.

  • Log in to My Cubes Hosting.
  • Click on My services .
  • Click on the root-domain you want to manage.
  • Click Manage web hosting and then Open Plesk .
  • Click Hosting Settings .
  • Tick Permanent SEO friendly 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS .
  • Select the Domain SSL certificate - 2018-01-01 .
  • Click on Apply .



With a wildcard certificate you can also make subdomains accessible via HTTPS. Keep in mind that after submitting a certificate, your subdomains are not automatically accessible via HTTPS. You also need to activate an SSL certificate via the step-by-step plan above.


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